Monday, December 8, 2008

Ice Hot Models, for Events, Promos, Shows For Sale

Ice Hot Models both the AZ and Las Vegas Editions

We have taken down this web site as it is up
For Sale
along with 16 other Modeling Web sites, Social and Blogs.

We have never found a competent, dedicated, honest, loyal Model Manager that produced any Model Bookings or anything , to keep the Models working. 

However we have listed these for sale as they conflict with our other businesses that are productive for us.

If you attempt to build what we have here for sale, market the pages, promote them and SEO inclusion, it will cost you a small fortune (about 250K) and you will not get the many years of exposure that we have instilled to the Inet.

Listed at : $75,000.00


Bank Officer to Bank Officer transfer or Pay Pal.

PayPal add 3% and you will have to wait the 21 day grace period until PayPal releases our funds before we release ownership
PayPal Acc

REDUCED PRICE  $75,000.00 MYSPACE SOCIAL                                    


GOOGLE BLOGS go with Sale



IF purchased with PayPal we have to wait 21 days for them to release our money to our existing Bank Account.This means that we CAN NOT release ownership of anything listed in this sale Until the funds are released to us.
We prefer a Bank to Bank Transfer with both Seller and Buyer present at their bank with bank officers present to finalize the sale. Afterward we will issue you a Notarized Document listing all the contents as YOU the New Owner via faxed from our bank. We will then begin to transfer ownership from our accounts to you listing you as the Author of blogs, Domain names, Google+, Facebook pages and Myspace sites.

Sale is Final NO RETURNS
Contact: Frank 623 3323-7694